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CD Release Party [04 Aug 2005|02:55pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

WE'RE FINALLY HAVING THE CD RELEASE PARTY! WOOHOOO! haha. So who all is going to it? I know I am...I haven't missed a kingsdown show this year. Well at the depot anyway.

I better see most of you guys at the Depot tommorow night =P.

Oh and what do you guys think of my icon? I made it for the party. I know the time is wrong but oh well.

-Courtney D.

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[27 Jun 2005|11:48am]

heres some pictures from the 22nd..When the guys were down here in Birmingham, Alabama. Sorry theres so many..I just copied and pasted from my personal lj but I hope all the things still work.
WARNING: Lots of pictures. And they're sorta big. Theres 23 in all.

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New Here [26 Jun 2005|05:07pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Just thought I'd post something since I just joined today. My name is Courtney and I live in the small community of Denmark..in between Velvet Ridge and Pleasant Plains (Arkansas of course..=P) I'm a huge fan of Kingsdown. I try to make it to every Depot show.

Anywho, did anyone go to the show last night? I did and it was soo awesome. Me and a few of my friends were dancing like crazy though. If you were there..we were the ones right up from in the middle of the stage.


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Help Blain. [30 May 2005|11:12am]

ok guys... Go to www.dietlater.com Blain is selling the worlds greatest thing. and if he sells twenty of them he gets a thousand dollars which buys his new drumset.. help him out! if you want more info go to the kingsdown message bored. thanks guys
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[29 May 2005|10:22pm]


yeah this place has no life.come on guys...dont  you love kingsdown...??! i do.theyre wonderful.

theyre really good guys too.everyone should get to know them if you havent already

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notin [27 May 2005|09:03pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

this place looks DEAD!!! well, if y luv kingsdown, u might like faithful cry. they're good 2. start postin some more.


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=D Hi! [19 Feb 2005|07:28pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi!! I just found this community, and let me say that I am a HUGE Kingsdown fan. ^-^ I lurrrrve them!!
This community is a little dead though.. I'll try to round up some more members!! =]
Wooooo for Kingsdown lovers!!

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[18 Dec 2004|10:31am]

Hey! I just found this community, and i love Kingsdown so I thought i'd join. :) I love the layout, it's awesome..did you make it yourself?
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Welcome [04 Dec 2004|08:54pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Welcome to the first community for the awesome band "kingsdown" if you dont know what they sound like go to the info on here and i have some links to listen!All I ask is that you keep post about or related to Kingsdown.I dont want any spamming in here.
Thanks for joining ,enjoy!Tell Your Buddies about the community and about kingsdown!
God Bless xoxo,
In christ+
Love Jen

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